DVD Release Rolling Stones - In The 1970s (2014)

  • Kennt jemand von Euch diese Doku? Ich bin eher zufällig darüber gestolpert.


    Although it was in the 1960s that The Rolling Stones first made their name and indeed produced some of that exciting era's finest records, it was not until late in the decade that they became known as ""the best Rock & Roll band in the world"". This tag would take the Stones fairly and squarely through the next 10 years without much cause for dissent. The 1970s was of course the time of Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Exile On Main Street, Black & Blue and Some Girls, along with a series of electrifying tours that saw this iconic collective re-invent the rock gig and move the entire music industry into a new phase. This 2 DVD set explores the fascinating story and extraordinary music of the Rolling Stones throughout the decade during which they changed history. Featuring contributions from an enormous list of friends, associates and contemporaries, and with comment, insight and critique from some of rock's most respected journalists, and including rare band footage, archive interviews, news reels from the era, locations shoots, unseen photographs and a plethora of other features, this beautifully packaged DVD set will delight and inspire every Stones fan who picks it up. Featuring tracks such as; 'Brown Sugar', 'Wild Horses', 'Rip This Joint', 'Happy', 'Tumbling Dice', 'Fool To Cry', 'Hand Of Fate', 'Miss You' and many others. 'EXTRAS' include; extended interviews, special features, contributor biographies and much more besides.

    Paris, 13.6.14 ◆ Düsseldorf, 19.6.14

  • Ich habe sie kürzlich geschenkt bekommen und wollte sie hier auch schon vorstellen...Hab sie leider noch nicht durchgeschaut- deshalb nur vollständigkeithalber: 214min auf 2 DVDs, schön aufgemachtes Klappcover und zwischendrinn werden auch mal Songs an- bzw durchgespielt...(im Gegensatz zur "just for the record" Doku..). Sie holt Ende der 60er in der B. Jones Ära aus und geht dann in die 70er... Es kommen halt hautpsächlich "nur" Dritte und "Freunde des Hauses" zu Wort...Aber wie gesagt, muss sie bei Zeit noch fertig sehen...Achja, keine subtitles für Leute, die dem Englischen nicht allzu mächtig sind :readit Grüße

    Waldbühne 10/6/14 Düsseldorf 19/6/14 Hamburg 09/9/17 München 12/09/17 Stuttgart 20/6/18