Jean Marie Moreau

  • Jean-Marie Moreau collected a very impressive amount of US local and international press articles concerning the 1978 US Tour and has made a complete book with them.

    This new book entitled "Some Boys on Tour" is coming out 1 year after his first release dedicated to rhe 1975 Tour Of The Americas.

    Jean-Marie has distributed his work for free to Stones fans worldwide, but now this book is OUT OF PRINT.

    Edited once, last by Neandi ().

  • Silver Train


    my new press Book, don't know if you've seen the post
    on iorr forum:
    Another long labour of research, compiling, page
    setting, …And now I’m very proud to present you this
    new press-book , a really great press archive
    document relating the 1973 Rolling Stones’ european
    tour :
    A hundred pages document (Black/white, a few color
    too) of headlines, press reporting, article extract
    from UK magazine: a lot and a lot of issues of the
    “Musical Express” , “Melody Maker” , “Sounds” , “Disc”
    , “Record Mirror”, also from US magazine: “Creem” ,
    “Rolling Stone” , “Hit Parader”, “zoo world”, French
    Magazine: “Rock & Folk” , “Best” , “Extra” , German
    Magazine: “Bunte” , Dutsch: “Muziek Express” …
    And MORE RARE a lot of Newspaper document ,
    press-clipping dating from sept/Oct 73 and relating
    most of the shows from this Rolling Stones’ European
    For all the Newspaper Documents I’ve collected, I
    have to thank, the Library, the archive and research
    dept, that , very kindly, gives me a great help:
    THANK to: The Manchester city council library
    (Manchester evening News) , Newcastle city Library
    (Newcastle Evening Chronicle), Birmingham Post & Mail
    (Evening Mail, Birmingham Post) , Glasgow Evening
    Times. From Germany: the “Manheimer Morgen”,
    “Frankfurter Rundschau”, “Frankfurter Neue Press” ,
    the DIZ Dokumentations und informationzentrun München
    (Süddeutsche Zeitung, Abendzeitung), The Stadt/Köln
    Bibliothek (Kölner Stadt Anzeiger, Kölnische
    Rundschau), Axel Springer Verlag Infopool Hamburg
    (Hamburger Abendblatt). The Royal Library from
    Belgium (Le Soir , La Libre Belgique , La Dernière
    Heure) , also from Belgium: the Gazet Van Antwerpen .
    The Swiss National Library ( Berner Zeitung) . also:
    Det Kongelige Bibliotek Danmark (Ekstra Bladet). From
    Rotterdam : “NRC Handelsblad” , “AD Rotterdam” . And
    French newspaper: “Liberation” .
    Hope (sure) you’ll like it !
    A passion to share, not to sell (except mail charge
    and print coast !), email me

    Edited once, last by Neandi ().

  • Ich habe gestern eine Mail von Jeanmarie erhalten, dass er ein neues Pressebuch veröffentlich. Es ist wohl schon fertig. Und zwar von der Europa-Tour 1976.

    Klingt sehr interessant. Ich habe mal nach den Konditionen gefragt.

    Hier der Text aus der Mail:


    just finish a new press-book 1976, for info it's a compilation (a home-made) of mag (melody maker, NME, mirror, street life, sounds, french mag rock&Folk, best, pop hebdo, us circus, cream ... and a lot of more rare newspaper-clipping from UK, belgium france, germany, austria from the city the stones have a show .... a 106 pages of rare archives documents (B/W 90 pages and 16 page color).

    jean marie

  • Ich habe heute abend noch folgende Mail von ihm erhalten:

    hello Erhard

    just one year after the 73, here is the last one, so now you know the kind of book I do. In this one too a lot of press clipping from german newspaper : munster, kiel, bremen, dortmund, munchen, stuttgart and zurich and vien too, sure you like it.

    Das Buch kostet wie gehabt 10 EURO incl. Versandkosten.

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