Mark Paytress , The Rolling Stones Files

  • The Rolling Stones Files

    Publication Year: 1999
    1st Edition

    "The Rolling Stones Files" by Mark Paytress (foreword by Mick Jagger) - 1st EDITION Hardcover w/DJ (oversized (10-1/2" x 11-3/4") - published in 1999 by Quadrillion - 160 pages (with over 400 recently discovered black & white photos from the Daily Mirror archives) "The Rolling Stones Files" is a photographic chronicle of the first great, swinging decade of the original bad boys of rock 'n' roll. The book features more than 400 photographs; most of them previously unpublished, drawn exclusively from the archives of the top-selling British newspaper of the sixties, the Daily Mirror. Tracing the Stones' rise from the London club scene in 1963 to their triumphant return as international superstars ten years later, the book provides an exhaustive and visually stunning account of the group's most creative and controversial years. Hundreds of unique photographs reveal both public events and more informal moments; playing at live concerts; in the recording studio; relaxing at parties and at home; shopping and at the beach while on tour; at press conferences and on film sets, and even leaving court. Included are original excerpts from contemporary Mirror reports, recreating the heady, fast-moving atmosphere of the times, the girls, the drugs, the music. and the public outrage. Anecdotal diaries and special features on key events and personalities highlight each chapter, from influential manager Andrew Loog Oldham to Hyde Park '68 in the aftermath of Brian Jones' death. There is a complete chronology of the decade from 1973 to 1974, plus individual band member portraits relating how the original line-up of this great rock ' n' roll band came together.

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