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    I was unable to get hold of Ove, so I got info from another source due to some detective work who was present, so here it goes:

    11 raw mixes out of 18 recorded tracks were played.
    With raw mixes it is meant there is some additional mixing to do. It was not said if all 18 tracks would be on the album. If I heard correctly, there might be some more songs recorded.

    No Chuck, Darryl on only a few numbers, bass being handled by Mick and Keith. Plenty of harmonica, slide and maracas (spelling?).
    No hornsection heard at all, no backupsingers. This might change of course, but let´s hope not.

    ONNYA different from the liveversion, it´s said it was not finished when they played it live. Absolutely no material from the 40 LICKS sessions. 2 ballads, one Mick, one Keith, the rest rockers except 1 funky song in the style of Dance.pt1/Miss You.
    1 political song, as it seemed aimed at the Bushadministration but don´t take my word for it.

    The motto, it was said for these recordingsessions, was that it was to be "A bandrecord, the four of them".
    As for the albumtitle, it was said that it might be one of those circulated on the net, then it might not be, so no answer to that question really.

    No Stone present, as they all seem to be in the US right now. A bandrepresentative was MC at the listening party. All participants had to sign a contract of secrecy.

    I hope to get some additional info, but right now, all participants are bound by their contract, and no Ove in sight, but he would not be able to tell me more at this point, .

    As for the releasedate first half of September still stands until further notice.

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  • Auf IORR steht auch was:

    The new album: This page will be updated with the latest information about the new Rolling Stones album due out for their 2005/2006 world tour.

    Title: The title of the album is not yet decided. The album and the tour will have the same name. For now we just call it the "On Stage" album, as this is the official name of the 2005/2006 world tour.

    Release date: Some time between Aug. 15 and Sept. 6, 2005.

    Recording: The album has been recorded in France during the winter, spring and summer of 2005. Mick, Keith and Charlie on most of the album. Ronnie is on it too. Few addtional musicians, as this album is supposed to be back to the roots, just the four of them album. A total of 18 songs have been mixed in Los Angeles. The mixing was finished by June 28, and then Don Was, Mick and Keith went straight into mastering the day after.

    Songs that might appear on the album:

    Oh No, Not You Again
    She Saw Me Coming
    ... more coming soon...
    Virgin Records preview party:

    Virgin Records invited selected press from Europe to a promotional party at Olympic Studios, London on Wednesday June 29, 2005. They said the Stones have recorded a total of 18 songs for the new album, of which they played samples from 11 songs at the preview party. Some of the songs may not end up on the new album of course. The song "Neocon" has got a political message amout moralism in the White House, they say. There was two ballads, one by Keith and one by Mick. The rest is up-tempo pure and straight Rolling Stones as we all have got to love them. See report from the Virgin party by Norwegian

    Inside report from Los Angeles:

    Since Thursday, after a friend of mine discovered one of the studios being used by Mick and Keith to mix the new album, he and I have both been trying to meet Mick and Keith and get some albums and things signed. We had success on Friday night and Monday night in meeting Mick and tonight we met Keith and Don Was. Tonight was the final night of mixing, as told to us by Don Was. I asked him the release date and he said it should be September 6th (presumably Sept 5th in Europe), which goes along with what Mick told me on Friday when I asked him if it would be out in August. He said September as well.

    Don left minutes after Keith and we talked to him as he walked to his car. After getting into his car, he rolled down the window and asked if we wanted to hear something. He played to us on cd the song he said they had just finished tonight which was called She Saw Me Coming. Before playing it he said "you're the first people in the world to hear this" (obviously outside studio staff and Mick and Keith themselves). The song sounded great. Vocals are prominent in the mix with Mick repeating the line "she saw me coming" throughout the song. The instruments were sharp in the mix without the production sounding too glossy. The guitars were prominent. He also said Oh No, Not You Again will not be the first single. He said the mastering of the album begins tomorrow (Wed June 29).

    We had asked Keith the title of the album and he said "I think it's the same as the tour" (On Stage seems unlikely). I asked Don the same question and he said it hasn't been finalized.

    Thanks to LA fan for bringing us inside info!


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  • ein paar Neuigkeiten auf IORR gefunden:

    From: Sticky Fingers Journal <>

    Here some info on the new Stones L.P. Some of the tracks are "Oh
    No! Not You again"/ "Under The Radar"// "Back Of My Hand"/ "Look What
    The Cat Dragged In"/ "She Saw Me Coming"/....and "Neocon". "Neocon" will
    be an out take and won't make the L.P. unless some words are changed
    it mentions Condoleezza Rice . It's unflattering for USA National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice [] and will go by the way of Claudine.

    The track 'Under The Radar' is very Child of The Moon like. Back
    Of My Hand is a Great Blues track in the vain of "Ventilator Blues" and "You Got to Move"
    with a nice Ron slide guitar and some great Mick harp. Keith also does a nice ballad on the
    L.P. There are 16 tracks total from these sessions. 11 tracks have
    been slated for release but that could change. Except for a few tracks, all songs are up/medium tempo tracks.

    The upcoming new Rolling Stones album is hard hitting and back to the basics. Ron doesn't play much on the album as he wasn't available when most of the recording was taking place.

  • Uhhh, bekomme schon beim lesen 'ne Gänsehaut;

    "The track 'Under The Radar' is very Child of The Moon like. Back
    Of My Hand is a Great Blues track in the vain of "Ventilator Blues" and "You Got to Move"
    with a nice Ron slide guitar and some great Mick harp.


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  • von Stone Age auf Undercover:

    Well, my mistake, a few days ago I posted a message informing that the 1st single off the new album was called "For Your Precious Love" (I even dared
    to say it was a cover version of the Jerrry Butler song!) So here's the real thing:

    The 1st single will actually be STREETS OF LOVE. No doubt many will enjoy this lovely ballad very much in the style of "Brand New Set of Rules", from
    Mick's last solo album.
    But I also had the chance to listen to 7 more songs:
    ROUGH JUSTICE: A true rocker, a true guitar song ruled by Keith.
    OH NO! NOT YOU AGAIN: first premiered for the band's recent press conference, the studio version doesn't add much but a clearer sound. Mick's vocals still rough and yelling most of it, and a cool guitar solo.
    IT WON'T TAKE LONG: Another rocker.
    TAKE ME DOWN SLOW: More rockers for the album, another guitar song.
    BACK OF MY HAND: The Stones play the blues, as dirty as ever. Muddy Waters-styled, kind of "The Storm" (flip-side of the "Love Is Strong" single) Really great stuff. Mick on harp blows his heart out.
    THIS PLACE IS EMPTY: Keith's ballad, but in a little quicker tempo this time.
    RAIN FALLS DOWN: Another cool tune.

    In a few words, maybe this is the damn rock'n'roll album most of us have been waiting for. Truly a "back to the roots" effort, mostly a guitar album.
    Unlike 'Bridges to Babylon', which was way too overproduced and all that machinery, what we'll have here is a rough record, something we haven't had maybe since the days of 'Some Girls'.
    Still more to listen to...

  • in AOL:
    Erstes Stones-Album seit acht Jahren
    Die Rolling Stones werden noch in diesem Jahr ihr erstes Studio-Album seit 1997 veröffentlichen - und der Titel bezieht sich wahrscheinlich kritisch auf den US-Präsidenten George W Bush.

    Foto: WENN
    Bild vergrößern Die legendäre Band um Frontmann Mick Jagger wollen Anfang September die CD "Neo-Con" in die Plattenläden bringen. Ihr letztes Hitalbum "Bridges To Babylon" ist acht Jahre her. "Neo-Con" wurde zwischen Ende 2004 und Anfang 2005 in Frankreich aufgenommen. Die erste Single-Auskopplung wird wahrscheinlich "Oh No, Not You Again" sein. Die Stones hatten kürzlich eine Welttournee angekündigt, die am 21. August in Boston startet.

  • Aol hinkt ein bisschen hinterher, es heißt, der Track wird gar nicht auf dem Album erscheinen - Presse sucht halt immer ein paar Sensationsstories.....

    auf iorr gibts ein paar weitere Beschreibungen (von jemandem, der die Tracks gestern in den Olympic Studios in Londongehört hat:

    This took place this evening at Olympic Studios in London. Eleven tracks were played out of a possible 16 to be included on the finished CD. There is still no confirmed title, but the first single out at the end of August is "Streets Of Love", a ballad, but with a great "Ah Ah Ah Ah" hook. "Oh No! Not You Again" sounds even better on the album. Other stand out tracks were "Rain Fall Down" with some great funky guitar and some subtle electric piano (Mick?), "Laugh? I Nearly Died" which starts off a bit like "Always Suffering" but then finishes with a great gospel/handclapping singalong. "Back Of My Hand" is classic Muddy Wayers style Blues with some great harp from Mick. Keith's ballad "This Place Is Empty" is the only track with piano, I assume Chuck. Overall it's an out and out rock album with loads of guitars, very few (if any) additional musicians, about three ballads and some amazing lead vocals from Mick who is singing with incredible feeling. Can't wait until September 5!