17. Juli 2007 - Bukarest


    Lia Manoliu


    01. Start Me Up
    02. Let's Spend The Night Together
    03. Rough Justice
    04. Rocks Off
    05. You Can't Always Get What You Want
    06. Midnight Rambler
    07. I'll Go Crazy
    08. Tumbling Dice

    Band Introduction

    09. You Got The Silver
    10. Wanna Hold You

    11. Miss You
    12. It´s Only Rock'n'Roll
    13. Satisfaction
    14. Honky Tonk Women

    15. Sympathy For The Devil
    16. Paint It Black
    17. Jumpin' Jack Flash
    18. Brown Sugar

    ~ Words are not enough to say how thankful I am, Keith! ~

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  • Klasse, das müssen wir schriftlich festhalten:

    Iris to open Rolling Stones concert in Bucharest
    published in issue 3971 page 12 at 2007-07-10
    Iris will be the opening act for the concert of the year in Bucharest, the Rolling Stones show scheduled for July 17, at the Lia Manoliu Stadium in the Capital. The Iris gig will start at 6:00 PM and will take half an hour. According to Iris frontman Cristi Minculescu, the fact that his band will perform in the opening of The Rolling Stones concert is “the greatest present” that the band could have received on the celebration of 30 years of musical career. “It is an honour and a privilege, and we are very excited; we grew up with the music of The Rolling Stones; their performance and attitude were an inspiration for us,” Cristi Minculescu said.
    by Nine oClock

    Sollen das die hier sein?
    --> http://www.rockmania.net/iris/albume.php


    Sweet Cousin Cocaine, lay your cool cool hand on my head...

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  • Stones sind schon in Rumänien, Video vor dem Hotel:

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    Live report:

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    Scheint da ein grosses Ereignis zu sein!

    --> http://www.antena3.ro/Reguli-d…tones_shbz_35963_ext.html


    --> http://www.antena3.ro/Rolling-Stones-au-ajuns-in-Romania-(VIDEO)_shbz_35931_ext.html


    Sweet Cousin Cocaine, lay your cool cool hand on my head...

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