WANTED: Photos from between 14.08. and today

  • Bin auf der Suche nach Fotos von Keith, möglichst Nahaufnahmen und gute Auflösung ab dem 14.08. (also nach DDorf) bis heute.

    Bitte postet hier einfach alles, was ihr findet, bin dankbar für jedes Bild

    Danke schoma!!


    I'm looking for close-up high resolution pictures of Keith taken between Aug., 14th (after the show in Dusseldorf) and today.

    Please post all pics you can find - I'll gladly take any

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    ~ Words are not enough to say how thankful I am, Keith! ~

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  • that is a great foto, latvian. And he is behind Charlie who is facing the front.

    What was your angle, where were you sitting or standing to get such a shot?