Von IORRs Rehearsal Seite

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    Bluesy day at rehearsals today. Mick did not sing that much, so his voice got a rest. But what we heard was still pretty strong. Keith tried out some of his own stuff. And the beauty of rehearsals - where else can the Rolling Stones do a 20 minutes blues intro with raw dirty guitars by Keith and Ronnie, backed by Charlie only at times, then jumping into the real 10 minutes verson of one the new songs? Not on stage may be, but if we are lucky the short version will get to us. Hang Fire was rehearsed three times. First instrumental with chorus, then Keith on some vocals, then full version with Mick on vocals. Sounds great and ready. They did more blues, and also something that sounds like "Sweet Neo Con". Then Paint It Black closed the night. And they did Moonlight Mile of course!