RollingStones/3D - Exhibit in London

  • my friend Daniel Teafoe (" Sir Art " ) exhibits Stones photos in 3D :

    in Old town hall :

    :here the indicative map:

    here his presentatiòn:

    For those London bound, here's a map of the royal borough of Chelsea, with Stones related landmarks highlighted.
    If you're in the neighborhood, please stop by the Old Town Hall and see my exhibit.
    I'll be doing a "Meet the Artist" thing on 22 and 24 August in the gallery from 3-5 pm.
    In addition to the framed 8x10" images being available for purchase, I'll also have a handful of 5x6" 3D pictures.
    I hope to see you there!

    thanks in advance

    Marcelo (viejoRolinga)

    my mailbox: