myb stone web page

  • Welcome back Marcelo

    I will send you a picture

    Maybe some other members here will do as well. Hopefully.

    Usually I don't like pictures of me ...But in this case... it's an honour

    Lieber Gruss nach Argentinien

  • I received your picture!
    The honor is mine alone!
    Thanks in advance!
    A pleasure to receive your photo and also from the other members who wish to participate ...
    We are so far ... But united by the same passion ....
    The stones shorten distances: they are the world of music ... The most wonderful music!

    Always Rolling Stones ... Forever! In my veins, my heart and my mind !!!!!

  • Quote

    LittleQueenie schrieb am 17.02.2008 20:06

    Very Nice Layout viejorolinga, let us know when your site is finished!

    Of course! It takes time to link the story stone day by day with the 1083 dvds stones from my collection!

    Thank you for your interest in the site !!!