1965 - 01 Anfang 65 - There Are But Five Rolling Stones (Andrew Oldham Orchestra)


    B-Seite der Single

    The Andrew Oldham Orchestra

    DECCA DL 25171 Deutschland

    (auf der A-Seite ist drauf: Cleo - To Know Him, It To Love Him)

    Original Release in Deutschland Anfang 1965

    This record had been issued in the UK in January 1964 (see Illustrated Great Britain discographiey). It wasn´t a hit there and it is a mystery why the single was issued in Germany at all? Here,, the disc was housed in one of the typical standard covers tjat German Decca was using at the for " light entertainment" releases. This didn´t help the record much - it was a flop here too and remained the only release by the Andrew Oldham Orchestra in this country

    Quelle: Rolling Stones Worldwide I - (Uwe Boer)

    Diese Single ist nicht in meinem Besitz

  • Die Platte ist am 10 Januar 1964 in UK unter der Nummer Decca F 11817 erschienen und für beide Seiten werden die Rolling Stones inl. Ian Stewart als Backing Band in diversen Publicationen erwähnt.