"Yes My Ring", My Stones Paintings

  • "Yes, my Ring", is the name of my second painting of the serie "It's just that demon life has got you in its sway ".
    In this work i played with "Keef" and your famous ring. In this case the ring represents the devil. It is unusual to see the red ring, but the eye must be prepared for anything! It´s different, funny, and crazy but it´s also SUSPECTED.
    Are recently finished and i´m trying to express my passion about the Stones.
    Is a unique, original and exclusive paint. Not have copies and is a free surface (no frames).
    I am a young uruguayan artist and musician and I will follow with more of my work.
    *André Ribeiro from Porto Alegre (Brazil) has been the recent purchaser of it!

    - Serie: "It's just that demon life has got you in its sway "
    - Title: "Yes, my Ring"
    - Nº: 2
    - Size: 42,1 x 28,8 cm
    - Canson Paper
    - China Ink and watercolors
    - Done with Steel drawing pen and brush Nº5

    Here you can see more of my paintings:

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  • Oh ja! :thumbsup:
    Ein sehr schönes Bild, rockandosis!
    So cool this painting - all black and white but the red ring!

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