"4 Eyes, 3 Keef´s" - New Serie, New Stones Painting

  • Hi Stones friends! This is my new Serie, and the first painting of this!

    "4 Eyes, 3 Keef´s" is the name of my first painting in a new Serie called "Optical illusions of a Stones Revolution".
    How Keith's can you see? 1? 2? 3?.
    It´s fun !
    At times, watching it can be crazy, the strange superposition of draws is very interesting, and the two eyes that are in the middle have no union!
    Is just my imagination, Just your imagination !
    Is just my love and our love for the Stones !
    Is a unique, original and exclusive paint. Not have copies and is a free surface (no frames).
    I am a young uruguayan artist and musician and I will follow with more of my art.
    I am very happy with this work !


    - Serie: "Optical illusions of a Stones Revolution"
    - Title: "4 eyes, 3 keef´s"
    - Nº: 1/2
    - Size: 37,6 x 30,2 cm
    - Canson Paper
    - China Ink mixed with water
    - Done with Steel drawing pen and brush Nº5

    You can see a photo of the painting with more details here:

    It´s for sale
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