VW-Voodoo Lounge Souvenir Collectors Checklist von 1995

  • Dann ist das wohl die Pressemappe für Europa. Meines Wissens nach gab es zwei verschiedene Mappen. Einmal für die Importeure aus EU und dann "meine" Mappe für Deutsche Händler.

  • Hello. I'm new on this forum, usually I'm on IORR. Hope it's okay to speak English? I've been collecting VW merchandise since 1995, and trying to finishing it. Things I am missing are the arm band, rain coat, neck tie, mouse pad, backstage pass and trouser suspenders. Maybe there are more I don't know about. I hope someone reading this can help me find these. Please email me at frankotero@hotmail.com or the other address I used to register here if you have information. Thank you and keep on rocking!