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    Hello Fellow Treffians

    I am back!! I have not posted in a number of years, but with the start of the impending tour, I have been more active on IORR and now again on Treff!

    Just curious, will any of you be attending the tour opener in San Diego? I just found out this week that I will be in California attending my best freund from high school's wedding the day before the show in Sacramento, so it was an easy opportunity to go to San Diego. I don't yet have tickets, but am looking. Maybe the Lucky Dips.

    Plexi/The Plexiglass

    Last show of the '78 tour. I did not have good seats or good place on field/pitch,but was in the lowest tier but furthest away from stage. Went with my then-girlfriend who I had met that year, my first year at UC Berkeley. She was related to then-49ers assistant and later head coach George Seifert.

    It was one of Bill Graham's "Day On The Green" series with Eddie Money and Santana as openers, bright sunny day, lots of balloons released. Better show than the one in Anaheim that I saw 3 days before, though at Anaheim I was front row but it was a crushingly hot day and we were physically lifted up off the ground for some seconds at the move of the crowd into the stadium. I had had enough of that.

    Also went with friends from Sacramento including Jon Juren who took these fotos. I do have some of my own which take in the entire scene of the stadium, but have not found those ones yet.

    After my personal debacle of getting so stoned at my first Stones show 3 years before at the Cow Palace and having to leave the front of the stage area, that was not going to happen on this tour.
    (note: I just added more fotos to the Cow Palace 1975 thread plus my personal story.)


    Here we go with the concert fotos, all taken on my little 110 camera (anyone remember those?)

    and here is the first bunch taken by my short crazy Sicilian-American buddy who is all of about 5 feet 6 inches tall, hence some of the results

    i was so out of it i wasnt about to take fotos, so gave him the camera and could only tell him that I could not understand/follow what anyone was saying to me. I think I said something to him about what to do when the band first came on and to watch out for me or something like that ...

    note: I put almost every one of the following first in print quality, then in web quality (as per Edith Grove's suggestion) as the fotos are so small, I thought it would be good first to see the large image, then to see the smaller ones where the details may be sharper

    note 2: all fotos are in their original order as shot on that night (I went by the negative numbers as I still have the negatives)

    what is this?? : you guessed it, the notorious phallus

    the fotos from here on out were taken by me after I went out to get a breath of fresh air as described and so are taken from the "lower tier" area instead right up front in about the 4th row area ...

    OK, here we go with the JULY 16TH 1975 story and fotos.


    Wednesday, July 16, 1975, second of 2 shows, Cow Palace, San Francisco

    god, there is too much to tell about this EVENT.

    Waited all night in line, passed right next to Bill Graham on my way in outside the place making sure everything was going smoothly

    ran like hell, got into the equivalent of about 4th row right side of stage ("festival seating" = FOS)

    drunken/high woman liked me, holding onto me whilst singing "Short and Curlies" rather loudly

    some hippie passing around small pipe with what was either hash or hash-oil laced pot which I partook in (had smoked pot a few times but nothing had ever happened)

    The Meters open

    after a few songs, the floor starts going uphill and downhill, I'm thinking "what's going on?", then slowly realize "I'm stoned"

    Soon, I cannot understand anything anyone is saying to me, have to tell my friend to watch out for me when the Stones come on

    long break

    lights go down

    wild cheering, fanfare for the common man trumpets, strobe lights

    suddenly, wiry figures start to climb onto stage being hit and framed by the strobe lights, you recognize the rooster haircuts and others and begin to realize these people u have worshipped for years are here

    loud, opening chords of Honky Tonk Women, going on and on, drawn out

    suddenly, white lights hit the far, back right point of the lotus

    a figure in white laying on his side rolls like a log down the uptilted lotus petal

    he jumps up, it's Mick Jagger, and the place explodes

    he sings "I met a gin-soaked bar room queen in Memphis," prances down towards the front of the stage wearing an American Indian upright feather headdress, mocking, preening, teasing, coming right up to us

    can remember a few songs, esp All Down the Line and singing 'wont you be my little ba-by, for a while', great line

    getting worse and worse, sit down on floor, open my eyes -- all is black, I start to panic

    then slowly realize i am on floor as a little light streams down in between peoples legs

    i cant continue this, i must get out, get some fresh air, i stand up

    slowly, ever so slowly, make my way out, must have been stumblin and falling as people were saying "take it easy man"

    get out to the exit doors and breathe in blessed fresh cold Bay Area cool summer night time air, try to calm down in the hallways

    finally, begin to regain my right mind, go back in

    i watch the final i dont know how many songs from the lower stands/tier, one that stands out in my mind is Midnight Rambler and Mick with the belt

    remorse is already setting in, you goddam fool, you waited so long for this and you had to fu*ck it up

    the remorse reaches a crescendo as, during Street Fighting Man, last song i think, Mick throws a bucket of water onto the crowd . . . RIGHT where I had been standing

    for 3 years after this, I had dreams that I would go to a Stones concert and they wouldnt show up, or some other band played, recurrent nightmares of this ilk

    1978 -- Anaheim -- get in with the surge of the crowd being literally lifted off my feet and carried several feet

    to the front row up against the wooden barrier, hot as hell, during the show a woman completely bares her upside to Mick whilst he reaches down to his crotch and makes bug eyes at her

    last song, Mick brings out a water hose this time and sprays us all -- BAPTISM AND REDEMPTION

    no more nightmares

    I ruined my first Stones concert by getting stoned out of my mind, but still remember parts of the show (not all of which are herein recited), one of my old teachers Br. Thomas Dodd, F.S.C. laughed and said "you got stoned at the Stones"

    But at this late date, no more remorse after many years of that, I think now "what a helluva ride and helluva story."

    Tim Bernardis "The Plexiglass"
    January 8, 2008

    (note: subject to further addition, editing, etc.)

    Yes Poka -- I will be adding some commentary, it is just that this stuff takes so long, so I am doing a bit at a time.

    I should note that this is the first time these fotos have ever been posted anywhere to my knowledge, nor have they been published.

    And certain little details appear, such as the question as to when (what tour) and at what point on this tour did Mick begin using wireless mics. Well, I do remember that well from my own stoned memory of the second show, and now here we have photographic proof that at least by San Fran (and I suppose LA), he had begun using them.

    Now, I will post a few more from the July 15th show, then I will move on in my next post to my own poor fotos that I personally (along with a freund) took on the 16th but those will have a bit of interesting commentary.